Government Announces National Logistics Policy

Government of India has issued a “National Logistics Policy” for efficiency in services (processes, digital systems, regulatory framework) and human resource.  This policy sets a target to bring logistics cost to global benchmarks by 2030.  A Comprehensive Logistics Action Plan (CLAP) has been set up to implement this Policy comprising of 8 action areas such as integrated digital logistics system, standardisation of physical assets, human resources development, engagement of states, EXIM logistics, service improvement, sectoral plan, and development of logistics parks. 

Further, a E-handbook on Warehousing and Standards has also been envisaged under the Policy with an objective to envisages to act as an enabling and guiding handbook for facility operators, owners, developers and regulatory agencies to identify and implement facility and sector specific standards. The handbook collates existing warehousing standards in the country [set by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)and the Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA)], with additional suggestions to bridge gaps in such standardization.

The Policy also seeks to establish a service improvement framework to:

  1. Improve regulatory interface to enable seamless handshaking between logistics sectors.
  2. Promote standardization, formalization, and interoperability.
  3. Streamline fragmentation in documentation, formats, and processes.
  4. Reduce gaps in any existing regulatory architecture.

These objectives shall be achieved by;

  1. Formation of Service Improvement Groups– This shall comprise officers nominated from various user ministries who will provide for the monitoring and coordination mechanism for unresolved user issues pertaining to services, documentation, processes, and policy, along with identification of interventions for improving the user interface.
  2. Creation of a Digital Dashboard – E-LogS (Ease of Logistics): A digital system for registering, coordinating, and monitoring the resolution of user issues is being developed on which authorized user associations will register and upload their issues/suggestions.