Financial Dues Settled: World Rowing Lifts Suspension of Serbian Rowing Federation

World Rowing has decisively lifted the suspension of the Serbian Rowing Federation, effective immediately. The decision comes following the resolution of the Serbian Federation’s financial debts, as confirmed by the World Rowing Executive Committee.

The reinstatement means that the Serbian Rowing Federation can once again fully participate as a member of World Rowing. This includes the rights to enter athletes into World Rowing Events, participation in Olympic and Paralympic qualification events and the Olympic or Paralympic Games themselves. Moreover, the federation can resume its involvement in the governance and administration of rowing at both national and international levels.

The initial suspension, announced on January 22, 2024, was a consequence of outstanding financial obligations that needed to be settled in order to maintain active membership status within World Rowing. This decision of suspension was taken, in accordance with the Bye-Laws to Article 15 of the World Rowing statutes, over debts owed to World Rowing as well as various event suppliers by the Serbian Rowing Federation and relevant Serbian authorities which served as guarantors of the 2022 World Rowing Cup I and 2023 World Rowing Championships held in Belgrade, Serbia.

With the financial matters now resolved to satisfaction, World Rowing has reinstated the Serbian federation, ensuring that Serbian rowers can compete and represent their country on the global stage once again.

This reinstatement underscores World Rowing’s commitment to maintaining financial integrity among its member federations while fostering global participation and competition in the sport of rowing. It also marks a positive step forward for Serbian rowing, enabling athletes and officials to resume their roles in international rowing competitions and governance activities without further impediments.