FIFA Suspends AIFF Over Undue Influence by Third Parties

On August 15, 2022, the Bureau of FIFA Council suspended the All-India Football Federation (AIFF). FIFA issued a circular to that effect, citing that  third party’s undue influence over AIFF’s operations, stands against the FIFA Statutes. As a result, AIFF has lost all membership rights per Article 13 of the FIFA Statutes, including the right to hold the U-17 Women’s Football World Cup Tournament.

On May 18, the Supreme Court swooped in, disbanded the AIFF, and appointed a three-member committee to govern the sport in the country. The Supreme Court had acted on a PIL alleging the violation of the National Sports Code. The CoA formed an advisory committee consisting of 12 ex-AIFF members, which ruffled some feathers within the organization.

India had promised FIFA, that it shall constitute a democratically elected governing body, to oversee the sporting event by September. However,  various political factors and disjointed regulatory systems have left India with no official recognition for football leagues and national team matches.

The suspension will be considered subject to:

  1. AIFF’s administration can regain control of the body with the CoA being repealed fully.
  2. AIFF’s constitution is revised according to FIFA’s constitution.
  3. The AIFF general assembly elects an independent electoral committee to run the elections to form a new executive committee to oversee U-17 Women’s world cup.
  4. AIFF holds the upcoming elections per the statutory requirements, based on a pre-existing membership structure. FIFA recommends an executive committee with 25% of former players as Co-opted members instead of CoA’s proposal of 36 players.

The Centre has mentioned the issue of suspension to the Supreme Court, which has listed the matter as the first hearing today, (August 17 2022).