Draft “One Sun One World One Grid” Set to be Approved

Union Power Minister RK Singh has announced that the draft of the “One Sun One World One Grid” (OSOWOG) declaration is prepared and would soon be authorised by the relevant steering committee.

Speaking about the mission, the minister stated that the government had established a technical group within the Ministry of Power that has examined the viability of having an interconnected transmission network. He further stated that a new paradigm for the energy sector is required because power generation and consumption are at a critical juncture. Widespread expansion of energy access, a reduction in carbon footprint, lower costs, and improved livelihoods are some potential advantages.

The announcement was made in the backdrop of the International Solar Alliance’s (ISA) fifth assembly meeting in Delhi. The OSOWOG motto, “the Sun never sets,” refers to the idea that the Sun is always shining somewhere in the world at any given time. With India as its centre, the solar spectrum may be divided into two large zones: the far east, which would include nations like Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, and the far west, which would include the Middle East as well as the Africa Region.

The Green Grids Initiative seeks to accelerate and scale up the market and infrastructure reforms required to support the global energy transformation. Additionally, it will enable Indian national management centres for renewable energy to expand into regional and international management centres.