Deferred Wages: Juventus to Pay Cristiano Ronaldo €9.8 Million

A recent decision of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) arbitration board requires Juventus to pay Cristiano Ronaldo €9.8 Million in back wages.

Ronaldo became a Juventus player in July 2018 and left three years later, in August 2021, for Manchester United. He joined the Saudi club Al Nassr last year. During the pandemic, certain Juventus players opted to defer a portion of their salaries in light of the club’s financial conditions. As to Ronaldo’s agreement to defer payment of part of his wages during the said period, the money decided upon between the parties remained unpaid.

Though the Portuguese player initially sought payment of €19.5 Million, the arbitration board reduced it to €9.8 Million.

Juventus has stated that the arbitration board determined its “pre-contractual liability resulting from the failure of negotiations” and that it is reviewing the decision.