Burberry and Gen.G Partner to Back Female Athletes in Esports

The British luxury giant is partnering with esports company Gen G for a four-part education series highlighting inclusivity in the competitive industry and a scholarship for emerging players.

Gen G is an esports company with teams in the United States, China, and South Korea. This collaboration will be Burberry’s first venture into the world of esports. Burberry’s entry into this field was aimed at promoting female athletes in the esports field after the OGLB report was released. It was noted that the world’s highest esports players had made more than 3 million euros each, but only two female gamers had earned more than 10,000 euros from tournaments. To bridge this disparity, Burberry has launched this partnership between esports and luxury to bring to light female esports athletes and to help them rise in this field.

Before Burberry, Gucci had entered the online gaming space with its launch of the Gucci Gaming Academy, which helped four high-performing Eastern European players to grow professionally. In 2019, Louis Vuitton also partnered with League of Legends. The main idea behind luxury goods entering this space is to maintain brand viability with Gen Z, who are likelier to stay updated on esports than traditional sports.