AIU Retracts Natalya Antyukh’s Olympic Medal for Contravening Anti-Doping Rule

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has officially withdrawn Russian Sprinter Natalya Antyukh’s Olympic Medal in the women’s 400-metre hurdles at the London 2012 Olympic Games. She was held to be in violation of Article 2.2 of the World Anti-Doping Code, 2021, for using a “prohibited substance/ method” in her competitions.

As per the Code, it is not necessary to prove the intent, fault, negligence, or even knowledge to be disqualified for such prohibitive use of a substance/ method. Use or a mere attempt thereof will suffice to bring such action within the ambit of said Article. Accordingly, the AIU issued a press release dated December 21, 2022, announcing that the Russian sprinter’s gold medal won in the 400m hurdles at the 2012 Olympics is officially withdrawn.

In 2020, four Russian track and field athletes, including Antyukh were accused of doping offences. Thereafter, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) imposed a four-year ban upon her from 2021 to 2025 for her first violation. Further, her results were disqualified from June 30, 2013, to December 31, 2015. Subsequently, her results from July 15, 2012, until June 29, 2013, were disqualified for her second violation, including the Olympics results by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA). Since the 45 days had elapsed from the date of the order and no appeal was filed in the challenge of the order, the same became final and binding.