Aggrieved Parents write to BAI over the Issue of Age Fraud in Badminton

The Swacch Badminton of India, an organization of badminton players’ parents, has addressed a letter to the Badminton Association of India (BAI) raising concerns over the age fraud prevalent in Indian Badminton tournaments.

The aggrieved parents call attention to the practices of bribery and document forging followed to misrepresent a player’s age and gain an unfair advantage in the tournaments. Moreover, as per the applicable rules, badminton players who have not gotten their births registered within a year may furnish a medical certificate which does not reflect the precise age of the player and leads to an uneven playing field.

In the letter, a request has been put forth to insist on and examine the school documents and other documents (in addition to the birth certificate or medical certificate) to ascertain the player’s age. It is asserted that such a measure will help the association prevent age fraud.

The general secretary of the BAI, Sanjay Mishra, accepted the contentions of the aggrieved parents and requested time to come up with appropriate rules in this regard. He added that the association is in the process of formulating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with assistance from the Sports Authority of India (SAI).