World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Sued for Defamation

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen is facing a 100-million-dollar defamation suit filed by Hans Niemann in the United States District Court, eastern Missouri. The lawsuit claimed that Magnus Carlsen, via Danny Rensch, Play Magnus Group, and Hikaru Nakamura had maliciously colluded to defame him and ruin his career.

In the past, Neimann had admitted that he used electronic devices to cheat in online matches, but only when he was young. However, issued a report claiming that Neimann had cheated in more than 100 online chess games, including prize money events. Neimann contended that his rival, Magnus, was having him blacklisted from tournaments and events due to his inability to cope with his loss to Neimann at the Sinquefield Cup chess tournament.

The suit filed by Neimann seeks action against the damage caused by the defendants to his reputation, career, and life by defaming him and unlawfully conspiring to blacklist him from the profession. Damages were sought for the loss of appearance fees, access to potential tournament prize funds, opportunities to improve his FIDE rating, reputational harm, and loss of possible endorsements and sponsorships.